A1 Enterprise recently presented A1 Tracker transportation claims management software for a US transportation company seeking software that can track:

  • Auto Claim
  • Work Comp Claims
  • Cargo Claims
  • Liability Claims
  • Property Damage Claims
  • 3rd Party Injury Claims

The presentation also included features to generate reports:

  • OSHA 300
  • OSHA 300A
  • OSHA 301
  • Loss Runs
  • Claim Financial Reports (Expenses, Reserves, Settlements)
  • Graphical Reports & Claim Trends
  • Root Cause Analysis

The current system client is using is a manual process where staff manually complete a PDF claim form, then submit via email or paper fax. This process restricts possibilities for automation & follow-up emails. The client is also looking to migrate existing current data to A1 Tracker.

Transportation Claims Management Software
A1 Enterprise transportation claims management software simplifies claims management.

A1 presented a more complete and robust solution for transportation claims management software to collect claim details form other parties, receive claim forms, and trigger claim notifications and follow ups. The solution presented reduces or even eliminates risks of data errors and omissions in most cases. Additional benefits highlighted during this demo:

  • Configurable fields with a tailored claim form layout
  • Scheduled follows ups that send automatic claim notifications on key dates
  • Approval workflow notifications addressed to decision-makers.
  • Track claim-related communication history.
  • On-Demand compliance reports for OSHA & First Report of Injury
  • Electronic delivery of First Report of Injury to insurance carriers using EDI data transfer

Click here for a free demo of A1 Tracker transportation claims management software