A1 Enterprise has completed an installation for a new OSHA incident software for injury and 3rd party claims at a US-based logistics company. This installation replaced two legacy incident software systems by consolidating the incident tracking and incident reporting process into a single system. A1 Tracker incorporated highly robust and flexible reporting tools into their software so that adjusters can generate loss runs and incident reports across many various incident types for both internal incident performance and regulatory reporting.

The OSHA incident software includes the full set of OSHA reports, OSHA 300, OSHA 300a, and OSHA 301, and First Report of Injury. The lost time and modified duty module support the tracking of employee time off work (lost days) or time on modified duty, to populate the OSHA reports and meet regulatory reporting requirements. The incident module supports the tracking and reporting of incidents at any level throughout the organization including the business unit, department, subsidiary, and parent company. Additional cost reports include incident reserves, litigation fees, medical expenses, asset damages, losses, damages, or theft of cargo.

OSHA Incident Software Completed

The contact module gives users a full-featured contact database to track all contacts involved with an incident including 3rd parties, police officers, witnesses, other employees, subcontractors, repair shops, legal contracts, insurance carriers, and adjusters. The document management module allows users to attach incident related documents such as release statements, invoices, repair estimates, and legal notices. Contact us for a free OSHA incident software demo.