A1 Enterprise just released a new web-based supplier management software that allows companies to view and manage supplier contracts across the supply chain. Key features include:

Supplier Management

It streamlines processes for the company through a provision of a list of current supplier agreements. To do this, the software triggers notifications across key decision makers responsible for maintaining supplier agreements, especially as supplier agreements come due for renewal. A1 Tracker eliminates hidden overhead costs in supply management through automation and data accuracy.

Supplier Management Software Workflow

The A1 Enterprise support team is working closely with the companies’ supply management staff through constant communication and meetings to clearly define critical steps in the process and integrate these custom processes within the software. This process includes heavy emphasis on business logic and supplier agreement validation rules of the company.

Supplier Management Workflow Routing

To save key customers significant time and effort when managing supplier agreements, the A1 Tracker supplier agreement workflow can fulfill complex renewal and approval process by routing email notifications and reminders to various stakeholders. The email notifications’ content can be dynamic and can be populated with various details of the supplier contract. This process intends to help end-users have the information they need at their fingertips and allows them to respond accordingly via their workstation or mobile devices. Supplier Management Software

Following our launch, we have made a strategic partnership with a major US construction materials & supply company for them to utilize the benefits of the software.

In the integration process with the construction firm, the A1 Enterprise Team helped sync the companies’ processes in the system, including customization of who the key decision makers are in the organization.

As part of A1 Enterprise’s supplier management software implementation, the A1 Enterprise support team migrated existing supplier agreements and related contact data from MS SharePoint, thereby preserving all prior records and agreement documents. The software support services also includes assistance for potential changes in the organization and the processes in the future.

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