A1 Enterprise recently presented A1 Tracker for an Auto and Commercial claims management software to an insurance company based in Canada. Commercial & auto claims are obligations incurred during the conduct of a business or vehicle accidents, which usually relate to insurance or financial obligations & related liabilities as well as forecasting risk and future loss projections. Auto claims may include compensation for damages after a motor vehicle accident. The company, based in Ontario, Canada, specializes in Auto & Commercial Claims which includes commercial trucking claims, general liability losses, and property claims. 

The company needs to replace a legacy manual PDF & spreadsheet reporting system with a new web-based auto & commercial claims management software with financial capabilities that can summarize claim analytics on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, as well as produce reports and process currency conversion from US Dollars to Canadian Dollars. They currently have multiple systems in place to handle the claims and financial details of their clients and the data is spread out across different locations, making it difficult to find and maintain claim data. They process claims by gathering data from customers and claimants which include details of the vehicle, assets involved, damages, persons involved, and detailed documentation of damages which may include a photograph or written details and from the accident scene, which they can assess the claimable amount and reserve amounts.

Commercial Claims Management

In the demonstration, A1 Enterprise showed several key features of a complete claims management software: A1 Tracker. The data migration process is one important element to consider when implementing a new software system. A web-based claim portal will allow involved parties to submit a new claim and add additional claim details and documents via the company website. The branded portal will also auto-populate data based on existing contact or insurance information, and once a claim is submitted, notification is sent to the claims management team and assigned adjusters.

In addition A1 Enterprise  also illustrated how A1 Tracker claims processing software can be customized, especially on the classification of incidents and claim reporting metrics that help analyze claim trends.  integrate with currency APIs especially with their requirement to convert currency from USD to CAD and vice versa. Adjusters may set claim reserve amounts, (i.e,. Bodily Injury & Property Damage Reserves) which can be programmed to compute automatically calculated fields, claim analysis rules, and business logic. Compliance reports will also be included and this will be based upon a standard Canadian compliance template. One important feature includes the claim workflow approval process which involves a series of approvals based on claim amount, reserve amount, and details surrounding the root cause of the claim..

An auto and commercial claims insurance, TPA, agency offices, independent agents, or litigation case management company stands to significantly benefit from A1 Tracker cloud-based software, especially with the analytical claim reports and loss runs that can be generated showing real-time claim data and trends. There are programmed calculations on how much and what damages and injuries are covered, based on the range of amounts they will provide and other factors such as policy limits and claim rules. This will allow for a more efficient claims processing.

Other features presented include:

  1. Setting user access and various top down claim permission levels.
  2. Cloud and on-premise hosting and software installations.
  3. Choosing unique business-specific features that will be added to the claims management software.

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