Driven by their desire to enforce human rights protocol more efficiently, a non-government organization in the UK reached out to A1 Enterprise for a Risk Assessment Tool that would help them work dynamically with their partnered foundations in terms of training, crisis management, litigations, and policymaking.

They have previously scheduled a demonstration with A1 Enterprise, but this time focusing on a risk assessment software to which outside users can also have access.

Risk Module

A1 Enterprise offers various modules depending on a client’s need. It intertwines with other modules if there is a need to integrate the desired categories for a risk assessment solution. 

A risk module particularly includes information such as threats and risk register, the incidents related, and the like. 

Its features have a reporting tool where incidents that were added will be stored upon saving the data. Take note that the information from each incident can be customized so that the allowed administrator can rename the fields and even add if it is necessary such as the risk factor, title, status, activity, risk owner, potential impact, risk assessment approach, and severity.

Process Panel

This feature is basically where the inputted data will be stored. It shows information such as the ID, risk factors title, risk description, guidance, status, and risk owner. This information, however, is also subject to modification depending on the required data that the administrator would want to achieve.

Before accessing such, a user outside the organization may fill out a risk information form where he or she can fill out the form that will then be created as a record in the system. Once submitted, the administrator may get access to the report. The administrator may also create permission requests for particular owners.

Email notification

This feature shows the details about a notification sent by the administrator to a certain client but it can be edited if the former would only want to show critical information.

With all this information, what A1 needs first is for the client to have a defined system, particularly on the list of information that they will be needing so that A1 can modify it. It was also discussed that pricing may vary depending on the number of users, implementation and strategy agreed.

If you are an established company or a start-up, we would want to provide you with solutions to further equip you in shifting to the digital times. Schedule a demo with A1 Enterprise now.