A1 Enterprise recently led a claims & litigation software demonstration for an investment company with expertise in real estate, asset management, acquisitions and dispositions, finance, and capital markets. The company services North America and has been in the industry for more than two decades. Their investments are focused on multi-family and commercial properties. They service hundreds of properties and thousands of units. They also provide solutions for those interested in investing through mutual funds, closed-end funds, and ETFs or exchange-traded funds.   

Currently, they have a Transaction Value of $25 Billion. They have serviced almost 43,000 units of real estate in two countries. In addition, they also provided services for Global Real Estate centralizing on industrial and real-estate assets. Due to the growing number of clientele the company has sought to have a more systematic approach in dealing with the data they handle and to have a streamlined process of how they manage different types of claims and litigation. 

Their requirements were focused on how A1 Tracker can streamline and automate litigation processes including case due dates, notices and notifications, and status updates. As to the certificates of insurance, they require a system that can handle property insurance policies, vendor insurance certificates, and where they can track insurance certificates to relevant claims. In addition to that, they need a repository for their files when they upload these certificates to the system. 

As for the insurance claims, they target to have the ability to track claims from property tenants and this must be from start to closure. Currently, they process claim data manually using spreadsheets and generate labor-intensive reports manually. They seek to have a more automated means of generating property claim and litigation case reports alongside key analytics. This would include analysis of claims by properties, clients, regions and locations alongside financial and frequency trend comparisons. 

One of the key features required is to drag and drop emails from Microsoft Outlook into the claim record. Since they are more interested in flexibility, we showed them that A1 Tracker can be web-based and accessible anywhere as to maximize their efficiency.

A1 Tracker is a litigation software that allows the user to import case files and documents into the system where they can be managed and updated with ease. Changes made to litigation cases can be tracked by users for auditing purposes. Litigation status changes can also trigger notifications to all concerned parties to keep them informed of updates about the case.Claim and litigation documents include pictures, letters, and presentations. File attachments may also include video and audio files in relation to the claim.

When it comes to insurance & litigation claims, A1 Enterprise offers a diverse range of features rich with automation, reporting, and customizability to insurance and legal TPAs, adjusters, carriers, brokers, agencs, public agencies, and private companies.

Claims, Insurance and Litigation Software
Claims, Insurance and Litigation Software

A1 Enterprise also presented the certificates of insurance module for tracking insurance certificate renewals, alerts, and COI reporting. The COI module  will allow the company to upload insurance certificates which may then attach to a claim or litigation case and generate reminders to vendors, insurance agents, and policyholders of an upcoming certificate of insurance renewal.

A1 Enterprise offers customized COI and claim portals where data from agents, TPAs, claimants, adjusters, and litigation teams may be submitted via a self-service website or mobile app.  Portals by A1 Enterprise extend company brand awareness and may follow company website branding guidelines and marketing strategies.

Users can define and run custom reports, export data into various formats, and schedule reports to automatically generate and send based on a scheduled frequency. A1 Enterprise also provides analytical dashboards with charts, graphs, and critical KPIs Example graphical dashboards presented to this customer include claims by region, area, department, and root cause analysis.

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