Work from home has become easier as web-based software has improved over the years. In fact working remotely existed since the early years of 2000. The set up is usually available for working mothers or those who seek flexibility or employees who travel a lot. In 2012, work from home has grown into numbers following online freelancing. These day,remote work is highly and in certain cases mandated by governments in order for businesses to keep running. This would entail running operations from home while still producing top-notch service to customers and completing work assignments. Other industries like insurance, finance, law firms and government services have also adapted to this flexible work environment. 

Moving from office based to home-based may not be so simple, especially for companies who have not tried remote work for their teams. Some would say the effectiveness and productivity of remote workers is different than those in the office setting. However there are several surveys and studies that showed an increase in productivity and output when working from home. In addition, a common challenge in pivoting from office to home-based work is how to quickly access important work documents, business data, and reporting. This is why it is highly suggested by human resource experts to use cloud software and web-based applications to work from home.  

Work remotely with A1 Enterprise

How A1 Enterprise Software can help

A1 Enterprise software helps companies take advantage of web-based software to ease and streamline operations, run automated processes, produce real-time analytical reports, and other tasks critical to the functions of a healthy company. This is made available through a highly-dynamic web-based software platform which allows secure remote access to employees, contractors, and 3rd parties where applicable. A1 Enterprise services many industries, including manufacturing, retail, professional services, government, insurance, logistics, finance, accounting, safety, and construction. Having web-based software such as A1 Tracker will ensure your team is well equipped to work from home and continue normal business operations. 

A1 Tracker work-from-home software includes customizable dashboards, analytical reports, task workflows, document management, integrations, data migrations, application hosting, backups, secure access, website portals, business analysis, and business automation.  A1 Enterprise also provides support and training for your users, including best practices for your industry and use-cases. It includes fundamental modules serving core business functions, including: 

  • Risk Management
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Management
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Asset Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Litigation Case Management
  • Warranty Management and Workers Compensation
  • Warranty Management
  • Accounting & Equity Management. 

We combine any modules of our software to ensure your business functions are covered in a single and centralized database repository as to eliminate data entry redundancy and overhead

We configure A1 Tracker work-from-home software according to your functional business needs, and you only pay for what you use. A1 Tracker  is company-centric and it does not restrict your existing workflows and operations, instead, our case studies how that it enhances them. We address the needs of your company through integrating your current existing processes into A1 Tracker. f your company gathers data through an offline spreadsheet, we can convert that to a user portal where the end-user or your customer will just fill out an online form from your website which then saves in the database within A1 Tracker. The system can generate notifications to your front-liners to process claims, cases, contracts, risks, and documents real-time. These are just a few examples of how A1 Tracker web-based application can assist your business and work-from-home environment

Since 2001, has produced numerous large-scale corporate web-based software applications targeting specialized risk management, insurance, & claims reporting functions for businesses. The common ground for these companies is that our software can be accessed from home via a secure cloud-hosting platform. Even though in the cloud, A1 Tracker is secured and hosted via data centers worldwide that provide full backups and disaster recovery systems. A1 Tracker is an excellent solution to move into a work-from-home scenario, and can help your company make this transition. 

Overview of our Solutions

  1. Risk Management Software

A1 Enterprise risk management software offers an array of risk management tools for tracking risks at all levels in the organization, including assets, projects, contracts, & vendors.

  1. Contract Management Software

A1 contract management software benefits small, medium, and large size companies to better track contracts while maintaining a paperless filing system. 

  1. Claims Management Software

Claims management software by A1 Enterprise is ideal for claims processing and cloud claims management software to track, report, and reduce claims.

  1. Insurance Software

Insurance software for insurance agents tracks insurance termination dates, insurance policy renewals, limits, and fees.

  1. Logistics Software

A1 Tracker logistics software is a cutting-edge and web-based software for tracking logistics, shipping, and Logistics Software transportation management.

  1. Asset Management Software

A1 Tracker asset management software gives organizations powerful tools to track and report on assets of any type, related costs, and documentation.

  1. Litigation Software

A1 Tracker web-based litigation software gives attorneys and litigation parties to securely access and update case information and documents from any location.

  1. Workers Compensation Software

A1 Tracker compensation software can meet business requirements across different states, regions, and even countries. Our user-friendly features offer robust reporting tools and flexible configuration options to meet compliance and safety across your organization.

During these times,companies must continue and look for solutions to help them with their operations. The effect of taking action will not only help the business but also each member of the company establish a stable working environment that is not dependent upon working from inside an office. Some services do not stop and people will continue to rely on the services you provide. The objective of A1 Tracker is to provide a platform where companies can experience business as usual, regardless of surrounding circumstances and events. This is the ultimate, and low-risk objective for any business.

To learn more about the A1 Tracker remote software for your company, click here to schedule a demo or visit our other recent news items web-based applications can help your company.