A1 Enterprise conducted a demo for one of the top lending and financial institutions in the United States. They have been in the business for more than 30 years and have proven to be more than just a mortgage company. They have several loan programs and offer services for real estate agents as well. The company required an agreement tracking software that can help their company with managing thousands of contracts. 

The main requirements they had included management of contracts, data input for their clients, renewal alerts or notifications to make the process more streamlined and automated. They also require reporting for all contracts to track which contracts need action from their team. 

A1 Tracker has dashboard features that show a high-level overview of the status of agreements, costs, and budgets. It also includes contracts by status reporting in order for the team to track which contracts are pending approval, which contracts are about to end, and those for renewal. These reports can be customized according to the period covered, contract type, department, customer, and other related data points. This will also allow the contract team to analyze the efficiency of team members handling multiple agreements. 

A1 Enterprise presented several modules which included the agreement, CRM, and vendor management module. With this agreement management module, an end-user can create a new contract record of any  agreement type. 

Notifications are essential for this company since they handle multiple agreements. A1 Tracker offers a robust notification feature that allows notifications to send weekly, monthly, or by a set number of days and based on any key agreement date. These notifications can also be modified depending on the period required where the recipients can be chosen by the administrator. Contract modifications can also generate notifications to ensure contract managers are informed of changes to contract terms, documents, or pricing. This will help the contracts team track the changes made into a specific agreement. 

Since the company handles thousands of loan applications and loan agreements, it is important for this customer to have the ability to store documents and attachments with the agreement. A1 Tracker offers a full document management feature, allowing users to attach multiple documents to an agreement record and categories them by topic. Once a file is uploaded, a notification can inform agreement managers automatically of the newly added document and take action if needed.

In order for them to effectively gather their customer information, a self-service agreement portal was also presented as a way to streamline the customer agreement process. The agreement portal is designed to collect data online from customers which is then stored in the agreement software and available for reporting.

These are just some of the basic features of A1 Tracker. We provide web-based applications and each one is configured depending on the company’s needs. If you want to know more about how our tracker can help your business be more streamlined, click here to schedule a demo.