A1 Enterprise has released another instance of A1 Tracker contract tracking software, provides another key customer in the construction industry an effective means to seamlessly process contracts through the. The contract management software offers an easy-to-use web-based system for managing various types of contracts, wherein users within the organization as well as third-party entities and individuals, such as vendors and contractors, can generate or request contract agreements.

Web-Based Access

Access to A1 Tracker contract tracking software is accessible via the company’s website, gives access to entities to input the necessary information for contract submittal, legal review, signature routing, financial accounting approvals, and final executive approvals.

This information typically covers: the type of contact, the level of confidentiality of the contract, and other necessary disclosures such as more detailed terms and conditions. The online contract request form also provides a way for the requester or vendor to input personal and business details, which, when submitted, will be accessible to the company and can flow into an accounting or other vendor management software.

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Contract Workflow

These contract workflow procedures aim to provide sufficient information to the company early in the contract approval stages, thereby expediting the contract workflow process and reducing omissions downstream in the contract review process. The A1 Enterprise support team assisted this key customer in customizing relevant fields to match that information required in the contract request form.

To facilitate expedited processing of online contract requests, the requester will receive an email confirming success of the submitted the contract request form. The notification will also include a link that gives an option for the requester to revise the request, which would bring the requester back to the form to make the necessary changes. Contract Tracking Software

Contract Notifications

At the same time, the company’s contract manager will receive an email notification for every contract request, allowing the administrator to quickly process each request, via a workstation or mobile device, through a sequence of contract workflow options. The A1 Enterprise technical team additionally migrated this customer from another contract management system, while preserving all prior contract data and related documents.

Customers of A1 Tracker have contract data security as the data and documents under the A1 Tracker contract software are stored on a secure server with automated backups, disaster recovery, and backup delivery for on-site backup retention. For more information or for a free contract tracking software demo, contact us at www.a1enterprise.com.