A1 Enterprise recently conducted a demonstration of agreement management software for a company based in the United Kingdom. Agreement management is also known by many as contract management which includes a recording of transactions and checking for compliance with the contract and its terms. This company focuses on agreements that are centered on investments for technology-enabled businesses. They are known to invest globally and partner with top-notch groups. 

The company had several requirements for its operations to be more streamlined and efficient. They require an agreement tracking software featuring strata claims management, document management, claim payments, status reporting, claims workflow, correspondence for clients and owners, property management portal, service provider portal, and mobile access of the web-based software especially for reporting and updates. 

What makes A1 Tracker a perfect solution for their needs is that an administrator can configure the system to match their unique business requirements. The agreement administrator governs users and what agreements they can see, update, and view in reporting. A1 Tracker features security groups, which help control access and agreement visibility. For example one employee from the auditing team and one from the litigation department have limited access based on their job functions and roles. Departments such as human resources, IT, and legal can all have their own domain to manage their own agreements without seeing agreements of other departments.

Since the company handles multiple financial transactions, it is very important for them to manage agreements in different currencies. A1 Tracker also allows for different currencies to  be selected and managed by an administrator.

Agreement Tracking Software Demo
Agreement Tracking Software Demo

Contract maintenance, renewal, and update history is also very important for the company along with managing contract compliance audits. A1 Tracker supports multiple file attachment with version history, amendments of the actual contract purchase orders and other documents in relation to the contract. Email correspondences can also be attached along with notes from the person handling the agreement. Contract documents may also be controlled via the  aforementioned security groups. Some can view it as read-only and others can edit/delete the document. This is a key feature since the company has several contract editors and reviewers.

Agreement portals provide a way for the contract requesters to submit contract requests and information online and/or via mobile devices. The agreement portal is a centralized area for gathering agreement details and related documents in a controlled format to eliminate faxes, manual emails, and paper agreement documents. Agreement portals can be accessed by vendors, clients, external legal staff, or other 3rd parties,and the data submitted flows into A1 Tracker. 

From the agreement portal, incorporating workflow processes can simplify the steps of a contract agreement which can include contract request, authorization, revision, negotiation and approval.

A1 Enterprise offers many options for web-based agreement tracking software for both large and small-scale businesses with options for organizational branding, auditing, & data protection controls. 

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