Auto Insurance Software Online by A1 Tracker

A1 Enterprise has released an implementation of the A1 Tracker Auto Insurance Software, a tool that allows companies of any size to easily manage data and reports related to auto insurance claims. This auto insurance software gives companies a way to easily track various aspects of the auto insurance claims process by providing access to:

1) A claim portal that allows end-users to submit a new incident report online through the company’s website.

The A1 Enterprise support team will convert your existing claim forms to an online format, making reporting claims simple for claimants and third parties. Claim report forms are customized and released based on the company’s industry and customer specifications. Meanwhile, third parties uploading documents are secured of the data’s confidentiality as these documents are uploaded online via a secured web portal.

Auto Insurance Software

Auto Insurance Software Workflow

2) A seamless workflow system that provides real time incident notifications to the concerned parties, such as when a claim is reported, when a claim status changes, or when a claim has been approved and opened for a case.

Workflow notifications may also come with an approve and reject button, to act on certain factual information or claim cost approvals. A1 Tracker workflow can control the approval of the claim expenses to ensure that claims do not go over certain budgets.

The auto insurance software can also include digital signatures, which can be collected online and routed back to the claim admin once complete.

3) An auto claims dashboard that allows admins to: (a) export data; (b) run reports; (c) search claims; (d) search claimants and other third party assets and witnesses; (d) do batch transactions with other systems; (e) sort and filter data as well as import data from other sources. Auto Insurance Software

4) A claim log that allows admins to track: witness statements, phone calls, claim meetings, claim event history and adjuster notes log. Claim costs and expenses can also be tracked throughout the claim lifecycle.

5) An insurance policy management module to track policy numbers, track carriers, coverages, policy notes and premium rates, as well as manage policy renewals. A1 Enterprise offers the auto insurance management software as a self-hosted or a fully-hosted service, which includes back ups, hardware and data storage.

The A1 Enterprise support team will migrate legacy systems and import or export data with other systems. The support team can also assist with: (a) integrating the auto insurance tracking software with a CRM or an ERP software package,

(b) importing data from other formats and (c) schedule recurring data imports. The company’s data migration may be set up on a one-time basis during implementation or on a scheduled basis, based on the company’s data migration preferences.

A1 Enterprise will also provide a full training to the company’s staff during implementation. Contact us for a free auto insurance software demo.