A1 Enterprise presented A1 Tracker as a workflow software for manufacturing project management highlighting complex manufacturing workflow steps of commercial goods. Workflow steps involve interdepartmental sign offs of for completed manufacturing steps, customer sign off, and workflow reporting. With the numerous workflow approval steps involved, A1 Enterprise will be customized to accommodate steps initiated by sales reps when closing a manufacturing project, then passed to various departments such as product development, marketing, and risk management. The pathway to completing finished good starts with planning and conceptualization. With the twists and turns of complex manufacturing workflow, ultimately our cloud software can adapt to meet highly unique business processes to ensure that end-users responsible for the success of the project have a simple and elegant software experience. A1 Tracker achieves this by separating software features according to their relevant business unit and presenting users only with the information necessary for their job function. Role-based permissions give administrators flexible tools to manage security and permissions for each user group and department.Workflow Software Manufacturing

A1 Tracker workflow software will send notifications to key approving parties and project reviewers as workflow steps are completed, while allowing project managers to view where a manufacturing project is at in it’s entire workflow cycle at a glance. Workflow steps will be initiated and completed using simple and existing email tools already in for this customer, to reduce steps of signing off.

Manufacturing documents such as finished good specifications, customer art work, and product agreements may be attached to various workflow steps, and enable additional users to view documentation from any location and from mobile devices. One key highlight of A1 Tracker workflow software is workflow forms, which simplify steps for end users when initiating an manufacturing project and submitting specifications for finished goods to the product development team. Workflow forms are accessible to both internal and external users including customers and vendors involved in the manufacturing process, and enable product development managers to collect information from multiple parties throughout the entire process. Contact A1 Enterprise for a free software demonstration or for more information.