Workers compensation insurance software gives companies the power to maintain workers comp and business insurance policies in-house and while interfacing with insurance companies on policy renewals, costs, and insurance claims. When filing an insurance claim, the process of collecting information from staff, managers, key witnesses, or expert witnesses can be a daunting task. This is especially the case if there is conflicting information across multiple parties and the insurance claim goes into litigation.

An effective way to minimize insurance claim litigation is to thoroughly document relevant claim data and maintain throughout the lifecycle of the insurance claim. Workers compensation insurance software includes features for collecting work comp claim information from all parties including those injured and witnesses from a secure device via a corporate web site.

Work Comp SoftwareOnce a work comp injury claim is filed, the claim can have a life span of several years, especially for serious injuries or employees with repeat injuries or progressive injuries. Workers comp insurance software is especially useful to address hazardous working and site conditions and can save an organization thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket workers compensation claim expenses, legal fees, or increased insurance premiums. 

A1 Tracker has deployed for various organizations since 2001. It includes web-based cloud insurance renewal software for premiums, and cost of risk. Risk managers have work comp software features covering lost time reporting, modified duty, OSHA, email alerts, and injury summaries reportable by project, location, work comp classification, OSHA code, and SIC code. Contact us for a free insurance software demo.

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