A1 Tracker has been approved for a new workers compensation claims software for a long withstanding workers’ compensation claims management firm. The firm handles the claims process and appointment logistics such a transportation and language services. The A1 Tracker workers’ compensation management system will replace an older legacy system with a new web-based appointment software. This portal will allow users to create a custom claim and appointment report and quickly check daily claim appointments in a sleek dashboard that’s easy to access. Workers’ compensation appointment reports may be exported to excel and PDF formats to perform routing loss runs and work with employers and insurance companies.

A1 Tracker workers compensation claims software will also include a claim and appointment data entry portal where workers compensation claim administrators can use a single entry form to input all of the critical claim and appointment details in one place, thus simplifying the claim entry process and significantly reducing steps and screens for data entry. Key information needed in this portal will include details of the injured employee, employer, carrier, adjuster, attorney, claim-related appointments, and related costs such as medical appointments, treatments, and doctor visits. The portal form will be customized to best suit how the claim administrators need to input data, based on insurance forms and other documents received from insurance carriers, employers, and 3rd parties. The claim portal will also allow claim administrators to check claim status quickly, and update claims as new information arrives. This feature will streamline the process of updating claims while allowing workers’ compensation administrators to search claims by key indexed fields including claim number, date of birth, and phone number.

The workers compensation claim software and appointment dashboard will allow administrators to quickly view critical information that is most frequently used for daily claim activities. That includes workers compensation appointments, related trips for each appointment, appointment and claim costs, services rendered, and itemized service costs.

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