A1 Tracker warranty software is preparing for a major release involving various levels of product warranty contracts and renewal management. Warranty processes vary across various products and the flexible nature of A1 Tracker has allowed A1 Enterprise and a key organization to adapt a highly customized warranty software system to meet very specific warranty management logic and relations between products, customers, and dealers. As new products are introduced new part groups and part components may get introduced into the warranty software system where various coverages apply with different durations. A1 Tracker’s product and part management module gives product and warranty administrators effective tools for managing the hierarchical relationships between product groups, part groups, and sub assembly components which may significantly reduce the complex processing time assessing whether a product or part is covered under a given warranty and to what extent or under what conditions.

Warranty Software

Warranty Software & ERP Accounting Integration

A1 Tracker Warranty software will also interface with ERP accounting systems where inventory is managed in a main inventory accounting module and product and part details, where they apply to the warranty, flow into our warranty software customer record. As warranties consume costs or generate revenue, warranty payment processes and renewal updates can flow back into accounting systems for payment against the GL and where customer revenue and product costs are reported into the accounting balance sheet and P & L reports. Warranty software integration adds additional layers of warranty validation checks and between A1 Tracker and a core accounting system where the product and part attributes automate the approval or rejection certain warranty approval steps that were previously handled manually by warranty administrators.

This highly complex warranty software will give customer and dealers permission to view key warranty documentation and with limited access to their own records, product details, and various product coverage durations. The steps to activating a warranty will be significantly reduced with a web-based product registration process where customers will register their product and provide certain registration details to activate their warranty and also provide key customer information back to the organization about the customer to flow back into the accounting system or CRM.

For more information about how our warranty software can be tailored to meet specific warranty management requirements for your organization, contact us for a free demo.