Warranty Service Software

A1 Tracker has been awarded a warranty service software implementation for a US-based wholesale retail and manufacturing company featuring musical instruments and equipment. This implementation will allow authorized warranty claim service centers across the United States to submit claims online that will trigger a warranty service approval process to warranty administrators in a centralized office. The service center will file a warranty service with necessary claim details such as customer name, invoice number, and dealer information. The claim portal supports a multi-stage claim approval process that allows the warranty service centers to efficiently distribute email notifications as they approve each step of the claim.

Warranty service administrators will have robust reporting tools to track customer information, product details, and fault details. Service centers can also review reports of their prior submitted claims, check claim status, and add additional notes or comments. As the warranty claim matures, it will be scheduled for repair with various technicians. The financial module will allow warranty service managers to track repair estimates, labor time, labor costs, part cots, and replacement part taxes. As the service technician completes a repair, the service manager can track customer return shipping and related shipping details such as shipping costs, tracking number, shipping carrier, date shipped, and delivery date.

Service cost summary reports will allow service administrators to track critical service performance management metrics including total service costs, total service costs by product, and service center costs. Additionally, product and part reports will give service managers summaries about what parts, products, models, and serial numbers failed most frequently and the causes of their failures.

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