From local transactions to the international scene, doing business has always been challenging. But whether you’re dealing with an exchange of goods or services, finishing projects entails a matter of efficiency. The question now is: how can you make your business process flow productively? An importer of construction machines in Germany has contacted A1 Enterprise for a Warranty Management System that would serve as their claims management software.

The client has been handling warranty claims from their dealer networks which are independent companies to the manufacturer in another country. With their estimated need of 150 users for the warranty management software, it is no doubt that their business requires aid from digital experts. Just like how they make their machines front-runners, they intend to deliver the best services as well to their customers even in the long run.

Dealer Claim Form

The client informed A1 Enterprise that they wanted a dealer claim form that will allow their dealers to log in to a web portal and to make them register their purchased machines. Upon registration, this runs the beginning of the items’ warranty period.

The web portal should allow the dealers to enter warranty claims, goodwill claims, and repair releases for the purchased machines. This interface has been assured by the A1 Enterprise to include predefined fields as well as the possibility to upload pictures, invoices, and the like. In return, the client has to provide A1 Enterprise the desired fields to be integrated.

The warranty claims have to be integrated into the client’s internal Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP). The client, however, has to decide on the type of claims that caused the damage and export the claim from the web portal to the manufacturer’s portal.

From the dealer claim form registration, the dealer should be allowed to check the status of the claim in the web portal. The status is displayed by querying our ERP with the respective status (Approved, Rejected, Open). In the case of new requests or changes, an email should always be sent to the client and the dealer.

Claims Module

Since A1 Enterprise offers a lot of software depending on a client’s needs, each module is integrated with the other. For instance, warranty claims software is integrated with claims contracts and assets modules. 

In particular, the claims module shows the information registered from the claim form. It shows details about the product and policy, the claim type, the serial number, and every information from the registration system. This includes the causal part which refers to the contributing part related to information associated with the repair such as action, part number, sub-category code, problem code and drop down which can also be customized. The claim registered has to be sent in the dealer’s email for summary. This should show the claim ID number, claim preauthorization, request date, service center contact, brand, model, and attached files among others.

The coverage of each information depends on each part of the claim damages and the warranty period but it shows the beginning and end date, coverage details, and coverage description, among others.

What makes each module interesting is that they can be customized. Here, the client may add a labor information summary of the total claim amount and include attachments if there is any. And if the dealer has access to the portal, he or she can proceed to the claim reclamation.

Further, since the client is a german company that transacts with diverse nationalities, the software includes language customization. This has to be run through a translator for assurance that the translation is accurate in the desired languages.

The client also particularly requested pop-up messages that would inform the user of the limitation on the claims that the client can accommodate.

Process panel

With each claim registered, the client requested that the claims module should also limit and show products that have already been registered in such a way that will prevent users from adding products that are not registered.


This interface shows the summary of monthly registered claim data. It could create a comparison between the changes made on the claim which allows the user to track the development on each claim.

This also shows the approved claims which allows the user to see how many claims they have over some time. It also includes claims by follow-up date.

Contacts Module

As mentioned, each module is correlated with the other. Here, the claims module is integrated into the contacts module which is attached to a claim or registration module. This serves as a customer relationship management tool.

On top of these, each software can also look fun in which A1 Enterprise assures that the background colors can be changed as well. 

The intricacies of digital advancements should not hinder you from innovating. That’s why A1 Enterprise could lend you a helping hand to give you the best solutions to your business needs. Contact us now and schedule a demo with us.