A1 Enterprise recently conducted a software demonstration for a US Based Company currently handling claims related to Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Currently the company uses spreadsheets to record information. 

A1 produces sophisticated web-based software, yet still user-friendly, for companies who handle claims related to injuries and occupational safety. The Transportation OSHA Accident Claims Software can be accessed remotely by any member of the company.

A key feature  of the Transportation OSHA Accident Claims Software is the capability to track multiple lines of claims, including but not limited to: Auto Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Cargo Claims, Liability Claims, Property Damage Claims and 3rd Party Injury Claims. A1 Enterprise web-based software  integrated modules for various business units, functions, & departments,according to the company’s needs and policies. A1 offers pre-made and off-the-shelf software solutions that can be fully utilized by the company with rapid setup time, and they can also request for additional customized modules according to their requirements. 

A key feature of Transportation OSHA Accident Claims Software presented includes customizable reports where users can organize loss run claim data targeting specific loss ratios, costs, expenses, and loss analytics. This includes compliance reports such as OSHA 300, OSHA 300A and OSHA 301. These reports can be modified as the system is very dynamic, as to include company payroll data, salary information. Another report that can be generated would be Root Cause Analysis, which A1 believes to be a critical analytical tool to identify claims and how they may be reduced or prevented.

A1 Enterprise takes pride in making software easy to use in such a way that claim fields may be formatted according to the company’s requirements and user base. 

Transportation OSHA Accident Claims Software A1 Tracker
Transportation OSHA Accident Claims Software A1 Tracker

Companies may also have several departments working on different tasks, where some members would need an entire access of the software and others have limited access to certain fields, modules, or areas of the software. This is a key feature to help companies limit access of their members to essential features and data . The A1 Accident Claims Software provides robust module for user permissions and access which can be defined by the system administrator. This enables the company to avoid unnecessary use or access of personal data. 

Templates are necessary when processing claims. This can include document templates for people to sign or email templates to send a standard notification. A1 OSHA Accident Claims Software provides for two important modules which includes the Document Template and the Email template. This can be set up once and then generated automatically based on a recurring schedule or key dates.. Email templates are very important especially when a claim has gone beyond the cap or when an action is needed from the person filing the claim because they ensure electronic communication with key claim parties then record to a communication log.

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