A1 Enterprise introduces claims analysis to a key customer to empower managers and executives to generate real-time claim analysis reports showing claim trends, risks, and claim financials. The transportation and logistics business has many moving parts, between shipping, receiving, warehousing, and customer service.

With claims occurring in any location with little or no warning, the best way to mitigate claim losses is to empower your team with A1 Tracker. This is a robust ERM that automates claims workflow, notifications, and transportation claim data analysis.

Every department stands to benefit from claim data analysis, here’s how:

– Claims Department knows when a claim occurs, and gets notified of an accident, injury, or incident that may result in financial losses.

– Finance Department gets updated information on claim losses, reserves, risk ratios, and claim-related expenses. This helps manage cash flow and forecast future financial needs of the organization to cover the cost of risk.

– Human Resources Department has awareness of employees injured, the severity of those injuries, and how to help the employer-employee relationship while ensuring the employee recovers and the company maintains injury compliance.

– Insurance Department has awareness of losses to manage relationships with insurance companies, TPAs, and other parties involved in risk governance.

– Asset Department can schedule and manage asset repairs to ensure recovery of equipment, fleet vehicles, and other tools of the organization. This helps minimize losses due to asset downtime.

– Legal Department maintains awareness of potential law suits and can manage claims that escalate into litigation by collaborating with other parties involved in the case with reminders, notices, and document management.

Each department stands to benefit from their own access to A1 Analytics, where claim analysis reports automate the claim and financial reporting process to save everyone time while enabling decisions.

The Team at A1 proudly supports our customers with a collaborative approach to A1 Analytics.

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