Taxi Claims Software Testimonial

As a new Risk Manager With Yellow Cab, digitizing and optimizing the daily flow of information for my new department was a high priority.  I reviewed several claims software products online, tested a couple out, and even took meetings with sales personnel.  I was most impressed with A1 Enterprise Claims Software.  Months later, as I and my assistants use the software daily, I am continuously pleased with both the technical proficiency and the customer service I receive from the company.

Most of my requests are handled in record time, whether it be a techie question, a change in my profile or permissions, or a complete rewrite of an existing module.  The capacity to morph my department into a smooth and efficiently-running organism has been made that much easier with the implementation of the AI Tracker Claims Software.

Some of my favorite features include the ability to integrate and populate excel lists, the luxury of one-touch emailing, and the ease and look of the dashboard.  As the administrator, making the steps easy to understand and execute is also a plus.

I would recommend A1 Enterprise Claims software to any Claims or Risk Manager who is serious about streamlining their operation, going “green” and eliminating the need for paper-pushing, and taking control of one of the most important profit-and-loss centers a company has.  The time sensitivity alone of many legal claims has made the software indispensable to me.  Thank you for making a product not only for the times, but for the growing future as well!

Corporate Risk Manager
Transportation & Auto Claims