A1 Tracker has been approved to deploy a pilot taxi claims management software deployment with a key customer responsible for managing several taxi cab fleets in a major US metropolitan city where there is one of the highest rates of taxi cab drivers per capita in the country. This key customer is a taxi cab company with highly progressive initiatives to go paperless and convert manual and paper processes into electronic processes through software automation. This system will involve tracking taxi cab accidents, third party claims such as injuries, luggage claims, and pedestrian claims submitted real time from the field via mobile devices.

With our private labeled claim forms, taxi cab claims can be submitted via field supervisors and taxi cab drivers containing details about the accident and photos which are preserved for investigation, litigation, settlement, and subrogation processes. Claim notifications can send taxi claim detailed status updates to claim administrators, investigators, legal representatives, claimants, and other parties involved. Administrators have facilities to attach additional documents collected throughout the claim investigation process, such as witness statements, additional photos, damage repair estimates, claim settlement costs, litigation fees, and damages to property or other vehicles. This particular customer will have options for reporting CMS Medicare Claims data. A claim status log can help minimize factual disputes between parties, which ultimately reduces litigation costs and as claim activity i is recorded claim status reports can be scheduled to send to key claim parties.

Users from various departments will have permissions to view, add, or update claims depending on their given roles in the system. Throughout implementation taxi claim software training is provided by our senior training coordinator who ensures that user administrators have all of the resources required to effectively manage and customize their software solution to best meet their needs. Claims management software permissions can also grant access on a limited basis to users who needs access to certain aspects of a claim, such as the claim log, file attachment, or claim cost accounting. Claim cost reporting gives accounting staff real-time claim cost reports with option to flag certain claim costs for approval. The ease of use with A1 Tracker taxi claims management software can speed up the process of searching for and updating claim details as well as producing claim reports for executive management and litigation parties.

Taxi Claims Management Software