A1 Enterprise recently conducted a demonstration of a strata management software. Strata management is also known as body corporate management. This field specializes in several services but generally viewed as property management. It involves operational services from management to compliance in insurance management, accounts management, property development, contributions management amongst others. The company (client) that required the use of a strata management software is based in Australia. The company has more than two decades experience in this field and have supported several corporations and organizations.  

The company’s specific need is related to claims management but will be integrated with other modules in A1 application tracker. They handle their clients directly and through email communication. Some of their requirements included the ability to add in lengthy notes, scheduling reports on a regular basis, multiple reports for single clients, attachment of files such as videos, adding in new claim types, payment notification email, filing of claims through the system, APIs to integrate with other systems, push notifications and business rules. 

Strata Management Software

The strata claims, asset, & CRM modules contain a full set of features where users can do keyword searches, run analytical reports, view documents, and export data. Since the company required a field for lengthy notes, it was shown in the demo how notes can easily be added in the claim itself. The formatting and length can be controlled and modified using the field settings. 

A1 Tracker offers robust strata management reporting for all levels of the companytrata claims, finance, & operational reports may be generated on a regular basis which can be scheduled to send to the report recipients. Reports can be managed under notifications which not only allows for scheduled reports but for other possible events that will happen as a result of using the system. In addition, the notifications does not limit to single recipients only but it can also be programmed to send out reports to multiple clients. Reports can either be basic reports or modified and detailed reports. 

Several types of claims would require file attachments in order for it to be approved. The company seeks for a software that could handle different types of files such as videos, PDFs, scanned receipts, images among others. A1 Tracker not only allows files to be attached when claims are submitted from the web-portal but also lets a System administrator pre- determine  the attachment file size and any types limitations.

Claim types change over time and sometimes a new claim type will be identified by the national insurance laws. The company requires that when these changes are made, they can add new claim types and allow for new classification for their data within the software. A1 tracker can easily adapt to such changes in requirements as the system has flexibility to add new fields, field drop down options and change field types at any given time. These changes to fields settings can be made by the Client’s system administrator very easily with adequate training.

Another concern are notifications. Payment notifications may be setup through the software. The strata management software allows for payment categories and payment types. Once a payment is recorded on the claim, this may generate an action item or approval for a claim manager or the accounting department.The notification can be modified to send out to specific recipients only. Another notification that can be programmed are status changes. This may include claim status for such as processed, archived, approved or pending. Other notifications include adding of claim attachment or whether a claim information has been changed. 

In connection with the changes and updates to claims, a claim may be submitted to the system via the portal. Initially, some companies begin with migrating their existing data to our system from another system using the Data import option. However, new claims need to be filed using a web portal page. This portal page can be a multi-step or linear form for a user to complete before clicking on submit. The form can have automated fields and can be designed to include any of the company branding.The form can also include files attachment options. A form can be completed by a user who is not licenced user of the application however notifications can also be generated when a claim form is submitted which can be received by a licensed user of the Application.An application user can then assign a claim as needed and it can  visible to other users who have been given authorized access.

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A1 Tracker is a sophisticated platform which allows integration with other third party software. The A1 tracker is known to integrate with several other platforms and therefore can adapt to required templates in order to be integrated with 3rd party applications based on client’s needs.

A1 Enterprise owns several multi-functional management applications that are focused in various fields. Irrelevant of complicated processes and business logics, our A1 application has been developed and designed to meet the needs of companies handling a large number of clientele. If you want to know more about how our tracker can help your business be more streamlined, click here to schedule a demo.