A1 Enterprise got the approval to develop a Strata Claims management software for an Australian based family owned property management company. This company has been in the Property management business for over two decades and has several branches across various locations in Australia. The main focus of their company is Strata management which is a specific area in property management that involves daily operations of a property. Other services also offered are strata compliance, strata insurance, strata maintenance, strata account management, strata property developers and strata contributions. 

Strata Claims Management

A1 Tracker houses several modules that can be used to manage strata claims. One of the concerns of most property owners is strata insurance. The process of claims management usually involves identification and resolution of the claim or demand by the property owner. The strata claims management software will house the data of the property owners and also policy administration system integration. This will help manage the entire claim process from data gathering down to payment notifications. 

This property claims management software will also include business process management that will enable the company to integrate their current workflows and continuously update in line with the ever changing business dynamics. The company has a sophisticated method of handling their client’s requirements but the customized needs from this software will increase their efficiency. 

Claim Processing Portal

The claim management process usually involves a site inspection, damage estimate, claim form completion along with gathering data for claims submissions, notifications, negotiations and payout. While the process is standardized, with the use of a property claims management software the entire flow would prevent errors or miscalculations as most part of the process will be automated vs manual human intervention. A portal is similar to a landing page but instead of the generic template that’s used on the internet, the claim processing portal is specifically designed for the company’ requirements. It will involve a step by step or page by page visualization of a digital form in which their clients will be able to submit all the necessary documents, other claim related documents as well attachments such as pictures & scans.

The information gathered from this portal will be accessible through the asset claims management software by the Insurance Adjuster or the Claims Manager who are responsible for the claim/clients.

Broker & Strata Manager Claim Portal

The above-mentioned portal is exclusively for claimants while another portal is made specifically for brokers and strata managers. The portal will have the same flow as the claim processing portal however for the brokers this is purely to track the claims they are currently handling, as well as to monitor their own performance, alongside minimizing paper transactions and automating their recurring tasks. This portal is also linked to A1 Tracker which stores processed data through the portal. 

Strata Claims Dashboards and Chart Reports

Every A1 Tracker has a dashboard which allows for reporting and these reports may be regularly generated according to the needs of the company. These reports can include performance reports on Brokers, claims management teams, along with a breakdown for each individual. There is also a drill down to see which specific claims have contributed to their performances positively or negatively. Reports may also be client specific such as Loss Run reports of most type of claims and track recurring claims. This will help the company in identifying its next steps towards profitability in client management.

The reports and data that are generated from the dashboard will also help the management team analyze to find the opportunities for improvement. This will also help the company improve their current solutions and services based on the reports gathered. This does not only cover operational data but also customer data. 

Claim Data Migration from Legacy system

One of the major features of A1 Tracker is the ability to handle huge data migration from the company’s legacy system. The company has thousands of records stored in their previous system but due to their continuous growth in clientele; this is an important move for them to utilize a more advanced software system like A1 Tracker. A1 Tracker allows them to transfer data stored as old as more than 10 years. The data will be segregated according to the new working fields mapped in the software. A Data migration will allow efficient search and filtering across all data stored in the database universally in A1 Tracker.

In conclusion, this approval of A1 Tracker would mean automation, efficiency, and better company operations. A1 Enterprise has developed multiple software such as this and has proven to be compliant with the company’s requirements. We ensure that every system programmed will provide the best user experience. Are you interested in knowing about A1 Tracker? Book a demo with one of our specialists today!