A1 Enterprise has deployed a custom SharePoint work flow & automation system for a key construction client. SharePoint work flow automation includes document version number control,  user approval work flow, custom SharePoint screens for document uploads and changes. This is a full design-build system that will be self-hosted, designed with the waterfall software development methodology. Specific SharePoint work flow automation requirements address file deletes, file retention, and SharePoint document log reporting. A1 Enterprise can also combine enterprise search software with SharePoint to save thousands of dollars in federated document search licensing, hardware, and litigation discovery fees.

A1 Enterprise makes accommodations for specific businesses and works closely with IT managers and document reviewers to create work flow efficiencies with SharePoint document libraries, user permissions and customized document validation rules to enforce document naming, add, update, and delete policies. Certain SharePoint automation customizations may be necessary to ensure ROI for the business. These may include customized SharePoint work flow screens, approval steps, and permissions based on document type, document library, user group, and level of user permission.

A1 Enterprise has specialized in customizing cloud contract and document management software since 2001. We integrate variety of internet technologies catering to unique business requirements, security specifications, and integration cloud software with human resources software, accounting software, and ERP software. Customized SharePoint deployments include live end-user training and administrative SharePoint training.

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