A1 Enterprise deployed a fully customized SharePoint document management system for a key customer in the construction industry. SharePoint document management features include version control, approval work flow, custom SharePoint UI for uploads and file updates. A1 Enterprise worked with this key customer on a full design-build self-hosted SharePoint deployment using a waterfall development cycle, starting with a detailed SharePoint software specification and finishing with end-user testing and user documentation. Specific requirements were met addressing document deletions and document retention issues, document logging, and document log reporting. With combined enterprise search software, SharePoint document management and work flow automation stands to save an organization thousands of dollars in enterprise document search and litigation discovery costs.

We make accommodations for unique markets by working closely with document managers on creating efficiencies in document libraries, user access controls and user groups, recorded training videos, SharePoint training, end-user documentation, and custom validation rules to ensure users follow document policies. Certain customizations are always required depending on the business, such as customized SharePoint work flow based on document type, user type, and level of user authority.

A1 Enterprise has specialized in customizing cloud document management software since 2001, using a variety of internet technologies to address unique server and hosting requirements, security configurations, and integration with HR, accounting, and ERP systems. Founded in 2001, A1 Enterprise has specialized technical expertise for construction document, health care, insurance, and manufacturing industries.