A1 Tracker has completed a web-based implementation for service management software for a US-based manufacturing & retail company featuring musical equipment and instruments. This implementation gives authorized service centers across the United States access to a service portal to easily submit service claims online and trigger service approval workflow for service managers located in a centralized office.

As the service center initiates a claim, they provide information regarding the customer, product, and fault problem description for pre-authorization. Service managers are notified of the service request and can review it for approval, or they may require more information to continue processing the service request. Once approved, the service center completes the service request by providing additional information regarding the product and fault issues such as technical error codes and other components that may require replacement. Upon completing the service request, service managers process the approvals using workflow email notifications.

A1 Tracker gives both service managers and authorized service centers robust reporting tools to track service details including product information, fault descriptions, and technical equipment information. Users can review prior submitted claims, service status, payment status, and options to add additional notes or documents. As repairs are assigned to service technicians, technicians may update service requests with resolution details, replacements parts, part costs, labor costs, and labor time. As the service repair is completed, the service technician returns the unit to the customer and updates the service claim with return shipping costs, tracking number, carrier, ship date, and delivery date.

Service management performance reports give service managers easy access to metrics such as service costs, service requests by product, and requests by service center. Product and part performance reports give service managers critical information about product and part failures to help direct attention on particular products that require more manufacturing or care in quality management.

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