A1 Tracker was approved for a new web-based service claims software deployment which will handle the administration of customer service and product repair claims submitted via a manufacturer web site. Service claims involve communication protocols between end-users for various products, product managers, and service claim managers. With this A1 Tracker branded claims software system, our customer will recognize significant value in streamlining service claim steps from the initial customer report, administrative review, and acceptance of the service claim.

Web-based product repair software will integrate product and part information from other existing systems into a centralized application with customer details and product warranty contract terms. Our customer will extend the convenience of online product repair forms and service claim forms to their customers. Customer information which will be readily available for the claim process will reduce the time spent to complete a product repair claim or service claim. Branded product repair notifications and service claim notices will automatically send to appropriate parties as the product repair process completes each step.

Product repair claims specifically may require one or more part returns or replacements which tie back to a product and part hierarchy. With A1 Tracker modules support product and part relations where product discount codes, availability, quantity on hand, and unit pricing information are kept current with an accounting or inventory system. The convenience of online service claims software is with ease of reporting and accessibility. Repair and service email workflow features save time with automatic claim updates based on administrative approval responses without having to login for each individual claim review.