A1 Tracker has been approved as new RMA product claims management software for a US-based wholesale and retail building materials Supply Companies. These implementations will include two different claims management modules, one for product installation claims and the other for product return claims, where each will have its own module and configuration to support individualized departments, approval process, claims costs, and product components.

The A1 Enterprise support team will additionally provide an RMA claim portal, where retail stores can have access to their web-based claim form that will allow them to submit a claim in a simplified manner where all product and claim details are submitted online. The submitted details will then be sent to managers in a head office. This software will also enable clients to have access to customizable claim reports showing RMA summaries, product, manufacturer vendor, and customer details. Users will also have the ability to upload claim document attachments.

End users at different stores locations will have the ability to quickly check RMA status in the web-based claim portal, while administrators can approve claims, attach documents, add notes, and update claim details throughout the claim processing lifecycle. The end-user claim portal has also been designed to collect product details that match a product inventory system with custom weights and measurements, sizes, item codes, invoice number, as well as units of measurement. Claim administrators have options of tracking claim costs and generating customized claim letters together with notices such as return authorizations, RMA return notifications, store notifications, and requests for product or part replacement to be routed to various approval parties.

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