RMA Claim Software by A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker has released one of the latest customized application for web-based RMA claim software which can be used by US-based wholesales together with retail companies. This application comes with modules for both installation claims and returns claims, where each module has its own set of field entry form configurations to support their unique processes.

In addition, A1 Enterprise has developed a web-based RMA & return claim portal to allow retail stores to submit claims in a centralized and streamlined manner without skipping any essential information required by the claims process. When RMA or return claims are submitted, the system automatically sends a notification to the managers in the head office who will then review for approval and add additional information as needed, such as approved costs, document attachments, notes, and purchase order details. Also, RMA managers may create custom claim reports showing all the RMA summaries, product, manufacturer vendor, and customer details.

Users of the application at store locations may look up their claims to check RMA status in the web-based claim software, as the administrators approve claims, attach documents, add notes, and update claim details throughout the claims processing lifecycle. A1 Enterprise customized the RMA claim software to collect product details to match a product inventory system with custom attributes including weights, measurements, sizes, item codes, invoice number, and units of measurement. Claim administrators generate customized claim letters and notices such as RMA authorizations, store notifications, and purchase order requests for replacements.

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