Analyzing the changing economy can be a real challenge. So imagine, how much more difficult and tedious the process is when risks are tracked manually? Recently, an organization is determined to deviate from the traditional practice. So they decided to inquire for basic risk assessment software by A1.

The good thing about A1 Tracker is that its modules are interconnected which makes one module relative to the other. For instance, when the user is currently using the risk management module and inevitably has to apply the claims management module, he can do so. Another example is an insurance module where it can also work efficiently with the contract module. This may vary depending on the circumstances. If this necessarily happens, the client is only required to pay for the module he initially purchased. A1 Enterprise also anchors the needs of a client based on its licensing agreement and future requirements.

Risk Management Module

During the demonstration with the client, the threats and register feature of the risk management module was highlighted in line with their concerns. The features in the module allow the user to input on all the necessary fields required by the client.

The threats and register tab are sequentially arranged and categorized so the user can simply modify and update the status of the risk assessment. This has also an existing filter that allows users to run a search for any column in the system.


The dashboard in this module serves as the summary widget for reporting. Filters can also be applied depending on which data the user wants to see. Data in this feature could be illustrated through pie graphs, charts, or calendar widgets.

Heat map 

Heat map serves as an indicator of the risk rating and shows the potential consequences of risks added in the system– whether severe, major, or minor. This feature also shows default fields subject to customization depending on the information on risk the user wants to see.

Organizational Details 

This documents the company hierarchy that defines the level of access the user is given. Fields are also subject to customization depending on what the organization needs.

Action Plan Tab

This functions as the task list in detailed format to give users an overview of the things that need to be done inside the module.

Innovations are developed by at least two organizations that share the common goal. A1 Enterprise wouldn’t be able to execute the modules without the standard set of the clients to make their workflow much easier.

If you want to experience a better work process for your company, let A1 Enterprise help you navigate through digital workspace. Contact us now and schedule a demo.