A1 Enterprise is pleased to announce the deployment of A1 Tracker for repair order software for a key customer in the manufacturing & construction business. A1 Tracker will be used to process repair order requests from customers having purchased survey, mapping, engineering, and construction-related equipment. Repair order software comes with customized workflow processes to ensure the handling of repair orders is smooth and seamless between the end-user (customer who purchased the product), repair order managers, and product technicians responsible for replacement parts and QA testing. Repair Order Software

Repair order software comes with a branded repair order form for customers to complete and submit repair orders via the corporate web site which sends notifications to repair managers to assign to qualified repair technicians. Repair technicians can also be notified when a repair order is assigned and update the repair status along the way, attach repair specifications, indicate which parts have been repaired or replaced, and calculate repair costs with labor and part prices from a master part inventory database. Repairs are received for both inventory and non-inventory products, with inventory serial number validation and part specifications.

A1 Enterprise co-designed the online repair order form and process with key staff from this customer with strong knowledge of how the repair order workflow process should work. The outcome was a fully customized and branded workflow for product repairs which accommodates critical reports including repair orders by customer, product, part, total repair amount, labor time required, error codes generated, and warranty information. This is a fully-hosted A1 Tracker implementation, which is also expandable to export repair order part replacement costs and labor charges into an ERP accounting system via an automatically scheduled transaction upload, where accounting staff can review repair order costs in the company Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports without having to login to the software or obtain additional user licenses. A1 Enterprise repair order software supports product and repair order claims for all types of products and services, with dynamic notifications that can send to both internal company repair administrators and customers throughout the repair order process.