Railcars is one of the oldest industries that have led to the industrialization of the United States and Canada, and has helped generations of workers across the North American continent. A1 Enterprise recently presented a demonstration for a major railcar manufacturing company in North America who is a leading international supplier of railcars, equipment, and services to the freight rail & transportation markets. They are also a leading provider of wheel services, parts, leasing and other services to the railroad and related transportation industries in North America, and a provider of railcar repair, refurbishment and retrofitting services in North America. 

The company had several software requirements including but not limited to a system that helps organize and manage more than 20,000 railcars alongside thousands of warranty policies, claims, repairs, and issues. They require claims tracking from costs, to part repairs and labor expenses. This also includes the tracking of warranty claim billing invoices and repairs. They also seek for a system to automate annual budgeting, manage documents, and the creation of reports and railcare related warranty claim performance analytics.

A1 Enterprise has been implementing warranty claims management software systems for over 10 years, and presented how A1 Tracker will address the huge number of units they need to track along with the various warranty types which follow different logical segments of the business. 

Railcar Warranty Claim Software

A1 Tracker modules demonstrated can handle thousands of records which are filtered and classified according to their warranty type and other key customer and product characteristics. A1 Tracker modules not only focuses on customer data but integrates railcar parts information, serial numbers, specifications, and documents for every warranty claim. It also makes this data accessible to all parties involved in the claim such as the service manager, customer, parts manager, and executives evaluating claim cost analysis.

A1 Tracker offers tremendous flexibility in terms of managing railcar warranty claims. Every company has a different range of requirements, and consequently A1 Enterprise targets those aspects of the business which give our customer the biggest ROI in their software implementation. This includes choosing one’s own system nomenclature, like company terminologies, products codes, serial numbers, workflow steps, departments, business units and entities.

A1 presented a sleek and mobile-responsive warranty claim portal,which allows external users to file their claim online, trigger workflow and email notifications. The online claim portal can be accessed on both computers and mobile devices; simplifying the process of submitting a claim or checking on a claim status. A1 Enterprise crafts customized claimant portals according to the client industry and market.  

For example, a specific customization involved the first page of the Claim to collect Claimant’s information. Followed by a next page focusing on the product information and the last page concluding with Claim information. Once a claim is submitted through the online portal, it will send an email notification to recipients that are assigned in A1 Tracker and will follow the workflow steps enlisted based on claim costs, levels of authority, and approval thresholds.

With many moving parts in a claims process, automating business functions such as the various claim approval steps is essential for maximizing the benefits A1 Tracker offers.

A1 Tracker can incorporate Industry and product-specific business rules catered towards specific processing requirements such as auditing, adjudication, and invoicing. Workflow and business rules are both managed by System Administrators and can easily be modified as the business changes over time. Additionally, the railcar warranty claims management software can also handle specific job coded values and authorizations for specific repairs. All of this can be monitored and tracked in the software and presented on a user-friendly executive dashboard.

To summarize this presentation, these are the fundamental features of what was presented for this implementation:

  1. Warranty Management Tracker
    1. Web based system
    2. Composed of different modules
    3. Language in the system will be unique for every customer
    4. Flexible software 
  2. Online Claim Portal
  3. Workflow Automation
  4. Analytics and Dashboard
  5. Notifications and Alerts 
  6. Efficiency of Business Processes
  7. Warranty Issues Tracking

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