A1 Enterprise will roll out a 2020 upgrade of a quality management software for a key manufacturing customer. A1 Tracker tracks product guarantees, failed components, customer claims, dealer claims, RMA approvals, part replacements, labor, costs, and product registrations.

This implementation of A1 Tracker quality management software dates back to 2014, and has undergone several upgrades since first implemented. Currently, the system integrates with a manufacturing & financial ERP software using web services. Fully branded & web-based portals allow customers, dealers, & service providers to submit registrations & failed component claims. To augment this system, A1 Enterprise will upgrade the reporting tools for this customer with a new dashboard showing critical quality analytics.

RMA-Software A1 Tracker
Quality Management Software by A1 Tracker

The ability to analyze quality procedures, product claims, repairs, failed components, manufacturer performance, and guarantees is dependent on the ability to analyze past, present, and predictive quality management trends.

This pending upgrade will bring together key ingredients every quality control manager would need to run a quality management unit. The team at A1 Enterprise will collaborate with the customer to analyze key quality management metrics that will help executives make critical decisions regarding quality management processes, such:

  • Vendor selection
  • Guaranteed parts, duration, & coverage
  • Labor rates

With creative insights combined with the robust reporting platform A1 Tracker has to offer, quality management metrics will become available their fingertips.

  • Top Failed Components by Total Failures
  • Top Failed Components by Failure Codes
  • Top Failed Components by Average Cost of Repair
  • Top Failed Components by Total Repairs Value
  • Historical Component Failure Trends
  • Top Manufacturers with Most Failed Components
  • Repair Costs by Top Failed Components
  • Repair Cost Yearly Comparison
Quality Management Software
Let A1 Tracker Drive your Quality Management System

In addition to quality management dashboard reporting, the team at A1 will offer end-user widgets that allow users to view, update, and upload documents to RMAs, claims, and repair orders right from the dashboard. For ease of use, this will streamline the day-to-day quality management and administrative process by supporting batch updates & document management.

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