A1 Tracker has been awarded a new project for procurement software for a US-based company specializing in facility contract management. This multi-phase implementation will support both buy-side vendor contracts and sell-side sales contracts in a single and centralized web-based procurement system. The user will utilize the web portal to initialize the procurement process by first submitting the contract intake form. The process that follows is automated by A1 Tracker’s software and can involve multiple procurement parties, pricing approvals, and reviews for services and scopes of work.

The contact module will provide a centralized database for all procurement contacts such as service providers, procurement managers, and reviewers. The contact module will also support vendor management which will fully integrate with a certificate of insurance tracking module to track the vendor’s certificates of insurance. A tailored contract module will track related costs, contract pricing, contract documents, and amendments. A1 Enterprise team members will engage this key customer to analyze and map out the procurement lifecycle fully. Procurement software workflow will involve multiple steps between clients requesting services for sell-side sales contracts, internal staff members who will review client contracts, and 3rd party service providers who will engage the clients with services in asset and facilities management, including groundskeeping, maintenance, and janitorial services.

A1 Tracker procurement software will leverage complex business rules to control workflow and review routing. The workflow will consist of an intricate procurement process involving many steps and exchanges of information between clients, contract managers, and service providers. These information exchanges include various contract clauses containing pricing, terms, and scopes of work. Key notifications requiring review and approval will route to the necessary parties for content revisions before reaching final approval. A1 Tracker will generate a completed final procurement contract document once the contract terms and scope of work is approved. The procurement portal will be entirely web and email based, allowing users to easily access their review step from their computer or mobile device.

Procurement Software Approved for A1 Tracker

The team at A1 Enterprise will collaborate with its customer to identify procurement performance indicators, and then tailor a robust procurement dashboard that will offer users the most relevant procurement and contract metrics to meet their needs. A1 Enterprise will heavily invest intellectual and creative power into this implementation, to ensure that all parties accessing the procurement software have access to their business-critical information.

This A1 Tracker implementation will ultimately replace a collection of documents, spreadsheets, and shared folders to bring all of the various components into a single procurement software package.

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