On-Premise contract software by A1 Tracker for contract renewal management has deployed to a key international customer in the software security industry. A1 Enterprise produced a fully self-hosted on-premise contract software package to track legal contracts company-wide. Online contract management will be key in helping international contract users pull key contracts and view key contract dates, descriptions, and terms. Making contracts more accessible throughout the company keeps business flowing and eliminates delays associated with storing contracts in paper form or by limiting contract access control to a single user or group within the legal department. This is often the engine that drives business, automating contract processes between customers and vendors.

With contract hierarchy features, contracts can be lumped together under contract groups with master contract and sub contract records. Often complex contract management meeds are tackled using offline spreadsheets and hyperlinked documents to files on a shared server. With A1 Tracker, the complexity is taken out of contract management by allowing users to customize their contract list to best suit their reporting needs. Contract reporting is accessible in multiple formats including spreadsheet and Portable Document Formats. On-premise contract software solves the problem of contract accessibility, software security, and internal data hosting policies. Although contract document management is built into A1 Tracker, on-premise contract software includes integration options with already existing document  management software such as SharePoint. Document management software with workflow may be an extra layer of contract processing that saves time and money for an organization, by automating certain document update and approval processes for both internal and external end-users.

On-Premise Contract Software & IT SavingsOn Premise Contract Software

With contract reminder notifications, users will receive advanced notifications before contracts expire to ensure those that should be renewed notify appropriate parties of expiring contracts. Vendor contact information is also accessible company-wide without having users required to go to an accounting software, which is often limited by costly end-user licenses. As an on-premise contract software, A1 Tracker meets demands for on-premise software security with flexible user access controls that remain consistent with traditional workstation and network security. IT overhead for A1 Tracker contract software remains nominal, with end-user contract software administrators controlling system settings, visual appearances, system licensing, module configurations, and notification processes. The on-premise contract software deployment process  is a simple, easy-to-follow, process which A1 Enterprise fully supports then follows up with live administrative training. Deploying contract management software has never been easier, and A1 Enterprise will keep it that way.

A1 Tracker is an essential engine to drive your business, and we ensure your drivers have the necessary training and contract management expertise to take full advantage of what cloud contract management software has to offer to your organization.

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