Permit Tracking SoftwareA1 Enterprise has engaged a highly reputable construction management & sign company to demo A1 Tracker as a sign and permit tracking software for tracking key dates on construction permitting and client approvals for construction and sign projects. Sign & permit management software includes customizable date fields with validation rules to control the process of when a permit is submitted and approved by users. Permit file attachments such as site surveys, plans and drawings, and site reports may be attached as PDF and image documents online and via the company web site, making submitting information for field engineers quick and easy. Project managers have options to upload documents from their local PD or mobile device, such as their mobile device.

Permit tracking software and related modules reviewed include CRM contact management, mail merge, email templates, online permit software input forms, permit reminder notifications, and contract management. This key customer is looking at A1 Tracker as a replacement management tool for spread sheets. A1 Enterprise takes a comprehensive approach to sign and permit management software, accommodating a vast array of custom fields to meet unique sign and construction project demands. A critical factor in A1 Tracker for this engagement is the adaptability for customizations, including workflow management, web forms, notifications, document attachments, and the sign permit tracking module. Sign assets may be tracked by sign value, construction cost, design status, branding status, permit processing, and responsible contacts responsible for various aspects of sign production and maintenance.