January 1, 2019

OSHA Incident Software Completed

A1 Enterprise has completed an installation for a new OSHA incident software for injury and 3rd party claims at a US-based logistics company. This installation replaced two legacy incident software systems by consolidating the incident tracking and incident reporting process into a single system. A1 Tracker incorporated highly robust and flexible reporting tools into their […]

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December 20, 2018

Claims & Litigation Tracking Software Released

A1 Enterprise implemented a new web-based claims and litigation tracking software to simplify the risk operations with customers, claims, insurances, and lawsuits. One of the pain points which A1 successfully addressed was related to the multitude of information sources, legibility, and the validity of information. As a car retailer, our client received claims from both […]

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November 6, 2018

Incident Management Software

A1 Tracker has been awarded a new incident management software implementation that will be used to track and report auto incidents, customer complaints, and hazards for a public utility company in Puerto Rico. Incident reporters will have a web-based claim portal to submit critical incident details including the roadway where the incident occurred and the […]

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November 5, 2018

General Liability Insurance Software

A1 Enterprise has completed commercial and general liability insurance software implementation for managing commercial and general liability insurance policies. This implementation gives insurance administrators robust reporting tools to track prospective customers, policy applications, premiums, payments, policy fees, notes, and policy documents. The insurance contact database is a centralized module used for tracking new business opportunities […]

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November 5, 2018

Dental & Vision Insurance Claims Software

The team at A1 Enterprise has just completed implementation for dental & vision insurance claims software in the education sector. This software has replaced a legacy MS Access database that was built in-house years ago with limited support and little flexibility for change or customization. This new implementation allows healthcare administrators to track dental and […]

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RMA Claim Software October 1, 2018

RMA Claim Software by A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker has released one of the latest customized application for web-based RMA claim software which can be used by US-based wholesales together with retail companies. This application comes with modules for both installation claims and returns claims, where each module has its own set of field entry form configurations to support their unique processes. […]

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Procurement Software Approved for A1 Tracker August 9, 2018

Procurement Software Approved for A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker has been awarded a new project for procurement software for a US-based company specializing in facility contract management. This multi-phase implementation will support both buy-side vendor contracts and sell-side sales contracts in a single and centralized web-based procurement system. The user will utilize the web portal to initialize the procurement process by first […]

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Service Management Software July 6, 2018

Service Management Software

A1 Tracker has completed a web-based implementation for service management software for a US-based manufacturing & retail company featuring musical equipment and instruments. This implementation gives authorized service centers across the United States access to a service portal to easily submit service claims online and trigger service approval workflow for service managers located in a […]

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Dental & Vision Claims Reimbursement Software July 3, 2018

Dental & Vision Claims Reimbursement Software

A1 Tracker has been awarded an implementation for a new dental & vision claims reimbursement software for a US-based educational organization. A1 Tracker will replace a Microsoft Access database after some 15 years of using it. The limited support, lack of flexibility, and time consuming processes have pushed decision makers to look for a new […]

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