November 5, 2019

Auto & Commercial Claims Management News Demo

A1 Enterprise recently presented A1 Tracker for an Auto and Commercial claims management software to an insurance company based in Canada. Commercial & auto claims are obligations incurred during the conduct of a business or vehicle accidents, which usually relate to insurance or financial obligations & related liabilities as well as forecasting risk and future loss projections.

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RMA-Software November 1, 2019

Quality Management Software 2020 Upgrade

A1 Enterprise will roll out a 2020 upgrade of a quality management software for a key manufacturing customer. A1 Tracker tracks product guarantees, failed components, customer claims, dealer claims, RMA approvals, part replacements, labor, costs, and product registrations.

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October 23, 2019

Employer Benefits Management Software

A1 Tracker has released an updated version for employer benefits management software to a key customer tracking medical claims. This key customer, based in the US and in the education sector, tracks employee benefits, claims, expenses, and reimbursements for claims.

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May 19, 2019

Employer Medical Reimbursement Claim Software

A1 Tracker has been awarded a new MERP Employer Medical Reimbursement Claim Software implementation that will be used to track medical claims, expenses, services, plans, and benefits for employers. This implementation will cater to an organization that manages medical expense reimbursement plans (MERPs). This

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