Quarter 3 2006 Accomplishments September 19, 2006

Quarter 3 2006 Accomplishments

A1 Enterprise has moved forward with Oracle Enterprise One and OneWorld training to support the long term goal for A1 Enterprise to enter the Enterprise One and One World ERP market starting with a Human Resources 401k Enrollment application. A1 Enterprise has also taken on a sizable new eCommerce ASP.NET project for a key customer […]

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Enterprise Human Resources Software June 1, 2006

Enterprise Human Resources Software

A1 Enterprise, Inc. has just released an enterprise human resources software application for a key customer base consisting of 1700 users. This customized software is web application using drag and drop technology which is among the most efficient data management tools available. Essentially we have reduced a 44 transaction process to a 2 transaction process […]

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Flash Video Demos for Annual Sales Presentation February 27, 2006

Flash Video Demos for Annual Sales Presentation

A1 Enterprise, Inc. has succeeded in putting together a series of flash video presentations introducing a corporate merger for a key customer. The A1 Enterprise supported our valued customer Hampton-Brown who has merged with National Geographic to form National Geographic School Publishing. The flash video demos pulled in highly credible reviews throughout sales conference presentations […]

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Human Resources Software | Enterprise HR Software System | Beta December 1, 2005

Human Resources Software | Enterprise HR Software System | Beta

A1 Enterprise has submitted its newest customized Enterprise Human Resources Management Software, Workforce Development, into its first beta test phase. This enterprise-wide Human Resource software provides a managers and employee with the ability to document, review, and share career goals, annual performance evaluations, employment resume history, educational history, and licenses and certifications. The hr software […]

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Software Security | Software Vulnerability Assessment December 1, 2005

Software Security | Software Vulnerability Assessment

A1 Enterprise has recently taken a software security project that has lead to a value added service offering to accompany our integrated database and software design services. Software Vulnerability Assessments and Network Vulnerability Assessments are an integral part for ensuring the longest life for your business application software, web sites, and network technology. This process […]

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Active Directory Exchange & Human Resources ERP Software Integration April 6, 2005

Active Directory Exchange & Human Resources ERP Software Integration

A1 Enterprise has completed a software integration project for a key customer. This software integration synchronizes data between a human resources ERP software and Active Directory Exchange. The software integration allows for employee payroll data to merge with the Windows Active Directory database which makes employee contact information more accessible through the company email system. […]

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Flexible Database Software Release February 10, 2005

Flexible Database Software Release

A1 Enterprise, Inc. Releases FlexBase Database Software into Production. A1 Enterprise has just finished installation and configuration the first network installation of FlexBase. The purpose of FlexBase is to provide an organization a means for custom database reporting, custom data entry screens, and custom database searches.

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OSHA Software | Injury Reporting Software April 12, 2004

OSHA Software | Injury Reporting Software

A1 Enterprise released a new OSHA software reporting engine allowing an organization to measure injuries against exposure of risk. This key update integrates data across human resources payroll accounting software in measuring risk of exposure and analyzing safety performance against that exposure. Since initial deployment of a custom occupational

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