A1 Tracker has been awarded an implementation for a new OSHA work comp software installation for a key logistics company on the east coast. This implementation will replace two other existing incident software systems and thereby consolidate the claims management process and data into a single system with reporting flexible enough to develop loss runs and incident reports across various incident types.

This implementation will be configured to track OSHA incidents, complaints, 3rd party asset claims, auto claims, 3rd party injuries, lawsuits, theft & vandalism claims, fuel spill claims, and cargo shipping claims. Administrators will have a robust incident management form to add incident details throughout the claim investigation process, and potentially throughout the litigation.

A1 Tracker OSHA work comp software module will track key incident witnesses, attorney details, employees involved, insurance company details, 3rd parties involved, police details, repair shops, and claim adjusters. The incident cost and reserves will be tracked and summarized for loss run reporting, where administrators will track incident costs and reserves by key categories including bodily injury, workers compensation medical, work comp indemnity, collateral, liability, and cargo. This implementation will also allow claim managers to track near misses.

Key reporting features will include the full set of OSHA reports, OSHA 300, OSHA 300a, and OSHA 301, accompanied by a work comp First Report of Injury that will be submitted either in printed form or electronically to required parties. This implementation will be configured to support multiple subsidiary organizations where incident tracking is segmented across different companies and business units. Additional reports include work comp claim reserve reports, incident cost reports, loss run summaries, and asset damage & status reports.

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