Natural disaster recovery software by A1 Enterprise has evolved this past year with many enhancements during the 2013 development cycle. New natural disaster recovery management features and additional hosting platform gives organizations ways to request rapid deployment for immediate setup of natural disaster recovery efforts and supporting software. Upgrades give options for use globally, and in countries around the world that suffer from the consequences of either human-made or natural disasters. Complex software systems can take months to deploy, however, with A1 Tracker upgrades and new hosting features A1 Enterprise can setup natural disaster recovery software systems to meet critical deadlines and time-sensitive situations. Natural Disaster Recovery Software
A1 Tracker is dynamic enough to handle local and regional level control over the natural disaster recovery effort and logging of asset, personal, and event details. Victims and recovery resources can access A1 Tracker from various countries via laptop and mobile devices to share and upload pictures, documents, or planning materials such as maps and other resources. New multi-language features also allow volunteers and victims to access event details, victim and volunteer activity reports, and submit information to natural disaster administrators to help guide decisions on how to allocate recovery resources such as food, shelter, and funds.
The volume of people involved in natural disaster between volunteers, victims, managers, property owners, businesses, governments, and transportation companies create the need for a fast and effective reaction time to facilitate recovery efforts. Having the right natural disaster recovery software system in place recovery managers and governments can assess and plan out situations for creating stability and ensuring people have what they need during the recovery process. Recovery jobs can be created and assigned out of victim pools from those who are able, and a collaboration between builders, donation acts, and resource distribution can be maintained.

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