The recent Hurricane Sandy which struck the East Coast and other zones of United States makes clear the fact that we must learn to endure and recover from losses from natural disasters. Casualties, injuries and damages from such natural disasters create critical situations for insurance companies, requiring complex recovery and claims management strategies. In such situations natural disaster and catastrophic claims software helps claim processing by enabling insurance companies and adjusters to make impartial and historical evidence-based decisions. 
Claims management data is not always precise and is often fragmented and inaccurate. Natural disaster claims management software assists insurance companies and adjusters in estimating economic and social impacts caused by a natural disaster. Natural disaster claims recovery analysis focuses specifically on catastrophic events like hurricane, floods, earthquakes and landslides to quantify many adverse effects which impact local and dependent economies and human health as it relates to event-related deaths or injuries, and damages to commercial and residential structures, and municipal infrastructures.
Natural disaster management and recovery affairs can place a high demand of disaster risk & claims management software for recovery planning and systematically prioritizing the allocation of public funds and local resources to the victims.  The costs of natural disaster claims can be broken down by zone and severity, or numerous ways defined by government agencies and insurance companies involved. When catastrophic events hits, having a solid response plan established expedites the clean up and disaster recovery effort by mobilizing resources to their post and making natural disaster recovery information available to those who need it to support victims and supporting organizations responsible for crisis communication, emergency response teams, emergency food supply, shelter deployments, and medical aid.  

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