Municipal bond management software training began for a local municipality for tracking municipal bonds such as performance bonds, bid bonds, guarantee bonds, service and supply bonds, notary bonds, lien bonds, indemnity bonds, and more. Municipality bond software includes contact management for tracking bond contacts such as obligees, sureties, contractors, developers, and commercial contract parties. Municipal bond software integrates with an existing municipal cloud contract software for tracking property APN numbers, bond document attachments, bond renewals, and related bond fees. Numerous bond fees may attach to a bond, including multiple bond premiums, bond rates, penalty fees, warranty rates, contract amounts, surcharges, and commissions.

Municipal bond management software may be further integrated with municipal document management software to allow users to attach existing bond attachments including letters of credit, bond notices, and engineering cost estimates. A1 Enterprise is providing full bond software training and support throughout software implementation, including customized bond management features for bond administrators. This will ensure all municipal bond software requirements are met.

Customizable bond document templates give bond administrators options to manage bond renewal letter templates online, and in municipal letterhead. This will allow for the distribution of bond notices both instantly and electronically, to any location or device. Bond notification templates give municipal users additional bond management software tools to manage contract bond termination and expiration before they lapse. Multiple departments including engineering, contracts administration, and purchasing have real-time contract software collaboration tools to better manage municipal risk, commercial contracts, and city development projects. Bond software and municipal contract software  each have unique user permissions allowing for multiple levels of user authority that may be based on department, job title, function, or office location.

Municipal bond software with integrated bond management was deployed with full private labeling and consistency with a municipal web site. End users have options for customizable email signatures for bond and contract email management. Users have access to real-time email features that work with standard email programs installed on their local workstations.

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