A key logistics company was in search of a software system to help them manage claims. They seek to find a system that would adapt to the evolving business needs as their company grows. In fact, they were accustomed to working with manual intensive excel spreadsheets and paper claim documents. In looking for a better way to compete in the market, this customer found A1 Tracker. During the learning process, they were impressed with the flexibility of the Moving Claims Software system. What makes it impressive? Check out the key features and functions:

Accessibility to the Module

There are several types of users in a company depending on the business rules. Regular users are reporters or front desks. Their access to modules and data only include adding records. Semi-admin users can update records for any progress. Admin users provide or restrict access to other users using the security group settings. And Super-admin users can be IT or other admins that have the ability to add, edit or delete records. Moreover, for Mover Access, we can set to show the record to the assignee as managed by business rules.

Updating and Generating Information

Customers can record expenses, fees, repairs, and costs as separate fields, and can be tracked real-time as records get updated in A1 Tracker. Generating reports can be done in several ways. One of which is via QuickSight, a third party analytical reporting tool that generates graphs, pie-chart, and other visual representations of the requirements.

Attaching Media and Documents

There are notes and files sections in the module where users can attach media or any sort of communication, as well as documents and PDF where it can be generated. Videos, though, are attached through links sourced from a different site or storage. Some attachments may also come from the Client Portal, a customized web page that is only for adding records and accessible by those with the link.

Email Assignment

The email templates can be assigned to specific module usage. For Notifications, we set up email content and schedule according to the requirements. There are date value notifications, as well as constant schedules that are available and useful depending on its urgency. Workflow, additionally, has automated email that sends out and updates information. To activate this, customers need to set up specific requirements or factors to trigger this workflow.


A1 Enterprise’s Claims Module helps customers keep track of claims especially during the transition period while also maintaining the integrity of the existing data. We want to highlight the default claim fields that customers could initially fill out to make the setup process easy, while allowing to extend claim data into new data points. With a tailored claims configuration, the system is set up according to business needs.

If you’re thinking about transitioning to more digital, now is the time. Allow us to help you navigate through the process so you can easily adapt to the innovative environment. If you want to learn more, contact us now and schedule a demo.