A1 Enterprise is approaching its 7th year working with a Chicago-based construction materials manufacturing company. They have been using our product, A1 Tracker on Contract Module, that features Lease Agreement Contract Workflow to keep the business running more efficiently. We celebrate this anniversary by observing the longevity for this customer using A1 Tracker. The longevity of a software system largely depends on the ability of the system to adapt to organizational needs and processes. Enterprise contract management has emerged as a specialization of A1 Enterprise with over 20 years of software and business experience. We tap into the core needs of our customers to provide best-fit solutions that maximize their investment into A1 Tracker. This implementation includes complex lease agreement and NDA contract workflow involving a series of reminder notices to key contract parties.

Contract Workflow

Contract Workflow by A1 Tracker serves as the vital feature among its other modules. It is integrated with notifications, request, approval, action steps, and workflow escalations to ensure that follow-ups and track records are efficient. It includes approvals and contract document routing. A1 Tracker also serves for an NDA workflow approval process involving multiple departments in NDA requests, drafting, revisions, and signatures.

This implementation stores contracts for all types including vendor, warranty, employee, transportation and rail cars, and project-based for commercial, insurance, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and legal management. 

Client Experience

Our client has high value mobile assets and equipment like forklifts, crushers, and excavators that are leased to different locations and various plant locations across the US. A1 Tracker contract workflow makes their workflow more efficient with faster transactions and higher accessibility to data. It eliminates file cabinets, spreadsheets, paper faxes, and manual emails to make businesses work through paperless and eco-friendly tools. This complex workflow process is designed to fit the company’s unique process. In return, the time and money are saved between the vendors and suppliers. The return on investment is 25% to 40% over time as users become more comfortable using it. The longer they use the system, the more return they will get out of it.

Its added features are:

  • Custom contract reporting
  • Lease renewal, extension, termination, and buyout options
  • Workflow Log and approval history
  • Branded email templates
  • End-to-end hosting with backups
  • Custom dashboards
  • Automatic contract renewal notifications
  • Notification escalations

The workflow engine includes escalation notifications for lease terminations and extensions along with the equipment details. This system includes a dashboard feature that allows them to see a contract list with a graphical report with reporting on contracts due for renewal or where the contract sits in the workflow process.

If your organization seeks to streamline your organizational contract processes, A1 Enterprise data and document migration services as part of the implementation process to guide the contract management modernization and transformation. With the era of automation, we see a significant shift to transaction-based software with contract automation, where workflow of businesses moves quickly and efficiently. With this environment, we have to adapt to changes and embrace new technologies and processes to survive and prosper in the long run.

For more information, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IG-dBTmzQ0

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