A1 Enterprise has been approved to deploy a new Tracker Master Software to generate all the existing contracts of the company and present contract hierarchy reporting to senior management, accounting for parent company and subsidiary contract management.Master Contract Software

Shown in a table-type format, the master contract software will present pieces of contract information that are not limited to: (1) the contract ID, (2) the type of agreement, (3) the requester of the contract, (4) the entity you are in contract with, (5) the effective date of the agreement, (6) the date the contract has been added to the system, and (7) the current status of the contract.

Given the various types of details each contract has and a company’s contracts with various entities, the contract hierarchy software allows the company’s contract administrator to sort contracts through certain filters.

These filters may include searches based on types of contracts, or searching existing contracts with a certain entity and other available filters. The company’s contract administrator can also create their mostly used filter and allow the contract hierarchy software to show these filters, which will include even the newest entries in the system.

There is also a functionality to add columns and even show or hide the columns you want/do not want to view.

These processes that are enabled in the master contract software will help allow contract managers to search for a specific contract or types of contracts and therefore simplifying the search process. Moreso, apart from existing contracts, the database also shows even expired contracts and those that are in negotiation process.

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