Claims management is a vital aspect of any organization in order  to serve customers at the highest level and stay in the market for a long period of time. It is also a mandatory process for assuring good relationships with employees and contractors. Recently, a US retail chain found a liability claims management software solution by collaborating with A1 Enterprise. A1 provides customized risk and claims management software in accordance with customer needs.

This client, which owns and operates stores in 40 different locations, was looking for a liability claims management software to improve the process of solving disputes, tracking claim details, managing documents, and managing litigations which arise after different types of injuries, accidents, damages and other situations. A1 Enterprise has been selected for tracking claims and litigations in a way which is suitable for client’s retail & service business.

Liability Claims Management Software
Liability Claims Management Software: Track costs, reserves, expenses, status, & documents, all in one place. – A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker allows users to classify liability claims by type, status, location, and many other criteria. Every claim can be described in details, starting from basic elements like total expenses and finishing with such elements as number of camera which recorded the injury. All this information is structured in a familiar spreadsheet format, but contained data is highly flexible due to many features and applications integrated in one place. User can search for keywords in a specific column or in entire database, can sort available entries and create reports in different formats.

New claims are easily created by filling out a simple claim form, so information is complete, legible, and well organized from the claim inception in a clear manner. A1 Tracker will save a lot of time reviewing and processing claims, expenses, reserves, and related documents.

Of course, a good liability claims management software should also handle the litigation part. Lawyers of the client’s company will be able to store case summaries, data about litigation parties, jurisdictions, indemnity amounts and other critical points for a successful trial. These modules of the system (claims and litigation) are interactive and allow users to link claim information with litigation details.

A1 Tracker liability claims software is not only an advanced database, but it also has business intelligence tools offering the possibility to create business rules, workflows, and automatic notifications. This client will be able to simplify decision-making process by building conditional instructions and periodic alerts for specific events, as well as analyze and understand claim trends, in order to reduce the severity and overall frequency of claims.

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