The ISO or the International Organization for Standardization is a group that is composed of different standard bodies from around the globe. The ISO issues certifications that show how a company or management has developed a standardized and high-quality management system from manufacturing or development down to service. The certification also serves as a guideline for managing risk. The usual industries that take ISO certifications are those involved in the manufacture of goods and services such as automotive, steel, metallurgy, aluminum plants and other similar industries. This certification is relevant especially for companies with large-scale clientele and who mass produce. It is not a requirement but most customers would prefer companies who are ISO Certified. This would also show that they are adaptable to changes because the standards change from time to time. 

A1 Enterprise recently conducted a demonstration of an ISO hazard and risk management software for a company located in Greece. The company is one of the largest and strongest aluminum plants in the world. The company trades aluminum in the European Union and is one of the biggest income producers in the EU economy. Currently, the company runs a software through Oracle which is solely used for reporting incidents. However, they require a more sophisticated tool in order to centralize their hazard and risk management. They have at the moment more than a thousand workable spreadsheets, several standard operating procedures and documents that are in line with the standards of the ISO. They require a tool that can manage hazard identification and assessment of risk and opportunities.

Risk and Hazard Management Software

One of our product’s focus is risk management software. The demo included a discussion of how our tool will ease out their current processes. We showed the basic insurance module with the Threats Register, Audits, Contacts, Documents, Incidents, Resolution and Risk compliance objectives areas inside the module. One of their requirements is to have the language of the software in Greek. A key feature in all A1 Tracker software is that details, fields and other components can be translated into the preferred language which the user selects in his profile. This is a regional setting and can be programmed by our team which automates the language and allows for translating to English if needed.

Similar to other A1 Tracker risk management software, fields are configurable without having to do advanced programming. It can also be organized according to preference. Risk rating will auto-populate and this is based on the ratings that the company will provide. Risk ratings can also be edited by the administrator. Documents are essential in reporting risks and hazards and the A1 Tracker allows for a user to track documents uploaded to the system. A portal for risk assessment is also available which helps the administrator to categorize the risk like the severity, likelihood among others. A key feature that would meet their requirement is the ability of the A1 Tracker to export and import data with Oracle.

Other features that was showcased included the following:

  1. Dashboard for reporting which includes identification of whether items are:
    1. Pending review
    2. Closed
    3. Identified
    4. Pending Mitigation
    5. Pending Audit
  2. Heat Map of risks which is color coded and inside a box are number which represents the risk ID number
  3. Ability to provide and generate reports that is compliant with ISO standards
  4. Integrating their current workflow to the system
  5. Multiple users and permissions
    1. Who can access the backend
    2. Who can access data only
  6. Branded Portal for gathering data related to incident reporting

We believe that risk and hazard management software would be beneficial for a large company like this. It is time to maximize the benefits of using technology and web-based tools in order for a more efficient workplace and for operational continuity. This would allow the company to save on manpower and reduce costs. The  ISO Hazard and Risk Management Software will help in streamlining their risk assessment process while meeting the high standards set by the ISO. 

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