A1 Tracker is in review for an international insurance claim software accommodating multiple languages and insurance claim accounting features such as insurance claim invoices, claim payments, and other charges. This potentially high-volume online insurance claim software will give this key customer options to self-host within their home country and will cater to other organizations underneath their insurance services including medical facilities and health care providers. Insurance policy renewal features will be used to validate insurance coverage before health services are administered, thereby reducing significant time spent verifying insurance coverage via phone or email, which has often resulted in delayed medical services.

Hosting international insurance claim software online makes claims administration easy for all users including claimants, providers, and claim administrators with built-in claims management and reporting features including payment reminders, document attachments, notices, claim forms, and letter templates. Insurance claim accounting transaction details will flow into an accounting software for balance sheet and P & L reports. Managing insurance policies and policy renewals will be automated with policy renewal notices and payment integration with secure online payment portals. Medical clinics and policyholders will have options to file online claim forms, print insurance ID cards, and view policy benefits. Online policy registration will also be available for subscribers and dependents for collecting necessary policyholder and dependent details to review insurance qualifications for coverage.

Claimants will have a limited online access to view the status of their claims which will reduce call in support time checking claim status and claim history. Providers can run quick checks to view and verify patient claim history and make informed medical decisions to administer health care procedures. With the self-hosted insurance claim software solution, the system will be maintained from within the organizational firewall, to ensure maximum data protection and security in addition to long term insurance claim data backups.

A complex claim data migration process will be required and a key factor in a successful launch of this new insurance claim software. Insurance and claim data migrations into new systems are not always straight forward, therefore adequate time and attention will be allocated on this project for the migration effort which involves years of historical insurance and claim data. Although intensive, this historical insurance and claim data migration effort will open the door to new opportunities for data mining and reporting as the previous system was a proprietary software with limited accessibility to reporting tools including charts and graphs. Claim software data mining will then open the doors for more extensive claim data analysis to identify claim trends and how to better manage insurance policy coverage terms, limits, and claim approvals.

This will be a comprehensive claims management and insurance software system that will interface seamlessly with an accounting software supporting a smooth insurance and claim workflow process for field operations and internal accounting and audit reports.