A1 Enterprise presented A1 Tracker as an international contract management software for a key non-profit organization requiring contract review workflows at various levels in the organization. A1 Tracker will be presenting multiple language options in this implementation including Chinese, Korean, and Cantonese. Additionally, due to the nature of the various countries in which this organization engages contracts, A1 Tracker will provide functions for multiple currencies for tracking contract transactions and expenses, such as expenses, payments, and reimbursements. Global contract tracking software can is a critical function for international operations where parties from various regions login and report on contract renewals, contract performance, and costs. International Contract Management Software

Global Contract Authorization Workflow Routing

With this proposed solution, A1 Tracker features an intelligent contract review and routing sequence that factors in several variables when distributing contract approval authorization requests. Contract reviewers can receive contract review requests and approve via email without having to go through multiple steps. This simplified contract approval workflow process can be an attractive selling point for contract administrators to obtain support from the rest of the organization to adopt a contract management software and processes.

Contract Payment & Expense Tracking Software

With a web-based contract tracking software like A1 Tracker, contract administrators can limit access to certain aspects of a contract to specific users groups such as auditors, contract managers, vendors, and executive managers. The contract cost and payment tracking will incorporate accounting cost cost codes to ensure a standardized contract cost reporting system and consistency with the already ERP accounting software. Contract managers can also track purchase orders and attach to contracts throughout the contract lifecycle, giving users with permission to report on contract purchase order history and report on percentage of budgeted costs to actual accrued costs.

A1 Tracker contract tracking software also includes tools for corporate contract compliance and policy governance. This key feature will give contract managers a means to hold other contract authorization parties accountable for their contract review and approval using certain required questions to complete during the contract review process. Contract alerts will notify contract parties and administrators of over payments, underpayments, and value alerts for when a contract reaches a certain pre-defined percentage of completion.

Global Contract Software with Document Management

This presentation of A1 Tracker includes a central repository for contract file attachments, which includes document version control and version tracking. Contract administrators can view the history of contract documents, drafts, proposal letters, and executed agreements using a numeric versioning feature built into the A1 Tracker document management module.

LDAP global directory integration is another key component of this implementation proposal, giving users the luxury of single sign-on with their existing user authentication for their PC workstation and can streamline the process of accessing data.